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The exclusive publisher for the works of nationally recognized artist and sculptor Gary Casteel.  Please visit our gallery to browse his collections of Civil War monument replicas and plaques of historic figures.  Free shipping to anywhere in the continental United States is now offered for all orders.

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153rd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry (Secondary Marker)

The 153rd Pennsylvania Vol. Inf. spent July 2, 1863, quietly on Cemetery Hill until about 4pm, when their position came under fire from Confederate batteries located on Benner's Hill, a few miles from their left front.  The regiment lost a number of men to this fire.  The Union batteries on East Cemetery Hill responded and, after a time, silenced the enemy's cannon.  However, the artillery duel was not the end of the action for the day.


Sometime after sunset, the Confederates began their attack.  The 153rd was not in a good position for infantry and was subjected to an enfilade attack.  A rise in the ground blocked the view of the Confederate’s approach.  While out as skirmishers, the 153rd Pennsylvania initially replaced the 41st New York at the wall before they were sent out as skirmishers to see what was on the other side of the rise of ground.  As the 153rd fell back from the advancing Confederates, in the darkness, their brigade commander, Colonel Leopold von Gilsa, ordered his men to cease firing at the Confederates because he thought they were Union skirmishers returning to the lines.  Officers were trying to convince von Gilsa that they were Confederates, when finally, the 153rd opened on Avery’s North Carolinians with a volley.  But it was too late, and hand to hand fighting began at the wall…with the Tarheels streaming over the wall.

The North Carolinians broke through and continued towards the top of the hill until stopped by reinforcements, including the 4th Ohio Infantry whose gray monument is located just to the left of the red brick Evergreen Cemetery Gatehouse.

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