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The exclusive publisher for the works of nationally recognized artist and sculptor Gary Casteel.  Please visit our gallery to browse his collections of Civil War monument replicas and plaques of historic figures.  Free shipping to anywhere in the continental United States is now offered for all orders.

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Major John Pelham Wounding Marker (Kelly’s Ford)

Major Pelham became the commander of General J.E.B. Stuart’s horse artillery and earned a reputation as an artillery genius, with the highlights of his career occurring at Antietam and Fredericksburg.  Positioned on Nicodemus Heights, a rise north of Sharpsburg (and west of the Antietam battlefield), Pelham’s guns maneuvered to harry the Union advance in the cornfield area with an enfilading fire into the flanks of the varied attacks.  General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson’s battle report reflected that, “It is really extraordinary to find such nerve and genius in a mere boy. With a Pelham on each flank I believe I could whip the world.”  During the Battle of Fredericksburg, General Robert E. Lee styled the young major the “Gallant Pelham”.  At Fredericksburg, Pelham took two guns in advance of the Confederate right wing, and with those cannon he completely held up the entire left wing advance of the Union Army.


By the time of the Battle of Kelly’s Ford on March 17, 1863, Major Pelham was the veteran of 60 engagements.  Although Pelham was with Stuart's horse artillery and normally would not have been there, he joined the cavalry fight and "...Pelham, then a major, was killed at the age of 24 in the Battle of Kelly's Ford. He died in the explosion of an enemy shell, and as Stuart said, 'with the battle-cry upon his lips and the light of victory beaming from his eye.'" (Pelham Biography Source: Alabama Hall of Fame, 1968)

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