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Casteel Sculptures, LLC

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Gary Casteel

Nationally recognized sculptor Gary Casteel, born in 1946 in the mountains of West Virginia, has always been fascinated with history.  In the fourth grade, after seeing a picture of Michelangelo's David, Gary knew that sculpting was the profession for him.  Before beginning his illustrious career, he apprenticed with professional sculptors from the United States and Europe, most notably the Puccis, a celebrated family of marble carvers from Pietrasanta, Italy, who had been cutting marble for the papacy since the time of Michelangelo.

After returning to the States, he once again entered the sculpting arena with a keen sense of history, talent and drive for producing pieces in his personal dynamic style.  Mr. Casteel strives to meet the demands of fine art in the strongest sculptural manner possible.  Many of his works have been chosen for inclusion in collections of the Pentagon's Joint Chiefs of Staff Library and the National Park Service, as well as corporate and private collections.  Best known for his equestrian monument honoring Gen. James Longstreet at Gettysburg National Military Park, he continues to produce fine art bronze figures and memorials, throughout the United States honoring the past of our beloved nation.

Mr. Casteel was honored in 2000 by the National Civil War Commission of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania with the commission to design and sculpt a fitting national memorial to honor those events and individuals, civilian and military, during the War Between the States.  Mr. Casteel will work with a board of nationally recognized historians in determining the overall design. The estimated project cost is approximately $8,000,000.00. The site for the memorial is yet to be determined.

During his sculpting efforts, Gary found time to create paintings of the battlefield for a special exhibition in Gettysburg.  "The Gettysburg Landscape Series", was displayed in the Cyclorama when it was located across from the national cemetery. The show was a resounding success.

The paintings, mostly 24" x 36" in size, were watercolor on clayboard.  The style, like his sculpting approach, entirely his own.  Having never had an art class in his life, he remembered what his Daddy told him years earlier, "Gary, you will figure it out!"  And so he did, in his own fashion. His goal, as in sculpting, was and is to tell the story, to relay the history and create a work of art to be appreciated.

Mr. Casteel continues to receive noted commissions and aggressively works with five different national battlefield parks and other entities across the country in creating and marketing replicas of the monuments on the battlefields, in an effort to raise awareness for preservation of our nation's treasures, the veterans' monuments.  As a sculptor, painter, and historian with a lifelong romance with art and a dedication to history, Gary feels he can and should do nothing less.

The commissioning of sculptural work, whether it’s a monument, memorial, fund raising item or individual fine art piece, should be a labor of love and dedication with an experience to be remembered throughout a lifetime.

With decades of sculpting experience, working with small and large groups as well as individuals, Mr. Casteel works closely with those involved in reaching the artistic excellence expected of a professional.  Mr. Casteel seeks private commissions and invites you to contact the studio concerning your artistic needs.

To learn even more about Mr. Casteel, and to view photos of his past and current projects, click here to visit his website.

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