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Sculpted by Gary Casteel

1863 Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Monument Replicas


The 155th Pennsylvania reached the battlefield with the rest of the 5th Corps on July 2, 1863, and received orders to hold Little Round Top with the rest of the brigade.  The regiment gained “the very crest of the Mount,” said Bates’s history of Pennsylvania regiments.  On July 3, the 155th was able to watch the Confederate attack of Pickett’s Charge from this vantage point.


Funding for the original design of the monument dedicated in 1886 was provided by members of the regiment and did not include a statue.  In 1889, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania provided $1500 for each state regiment to provide monuments at Gettysburg.  While many other regiments that already had monuments elected to use their funds to erect a second monument, the survivors of the 155th Pennsylvania decided to use the funds to add a statue to the top of the existing monument.  The statue was to be in the Zouave uniform, even though the regiment did not wear it at Gettysburg.  The 155th earned the right to wear the uniform in the months after the battle for its proficiency in drill, and it was such a source of pride that the survivors felt it to be an important part of the identity of the regiment.  Gettysburg veteran Samuel W. Hill of Company F posed for the statue, which was dedicated on September 17, 1889.  The Zouave statue faces toward the enemy at the foot of Little Round Top and away from the front of the monument.


The third dedication of this monument was held on September 17, 2005, by Descendants, Reenactors & Friends of the 155th, who provided $7,000 worth of repairs and restoration of the monument.  Since that time the monument was again vandalized, with the tip of the statue’s musket broken off.  Following repair of the vandalism, a fourth dedication was held September 14th, 2019, by Descendants, Reenactors & Friends of the 155th after the vandalism was repaired.


The monument is located near the summit of Little Round Top.  The monument was first dedicated on September 17, 1886.

155th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry

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