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Sculpted by Gary Casteel


1863 Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Monument Replicas


On the morning of July 2, 1863, during the Battle of Gettysburg, Maj. Hugo Hildebrant and the 39th New York were deployed into the disputed ground near the Bliss farmyard buildings.  Along with the 111th, 125th, and 126th New York, the 39th New York was part of Col. George L. Willard’s brigade, Brig. Gen. Alexander Hays’ division.   They were on the skirmish line for about four hours that morning and suffered 28 casualties.


Later in the day of July 2nd, Willard’s brigade was escorted south by Gen. Winfield Scott Hancock to support Gen. David B. Birney’s division.  Col. Willard posted the 39th New York apart from his other regiments to cover the brigade’s left.  One of Birney’s aides, seeking troops to help recapture the guns of Lt. Malbone F. Watson’s captured Battery I, 5th U.S. Artillery, met Maj. Hugo Hildebrandt and the 39th New York during his search.  The aide pointed to the four cannon and ordered Hildebrandt to retake them in the name of Gen. Birney.  However, Maj. Hildebrandt declined, saying he was not in Gen. Birney’s command.  The aide asked to which command his unit belonged, and Hildebrandt answered Hancock’s.  The undaunted aide then ordered Hildebrandt to retake the guns by order of Gen. Hancock.  Hildebrandt then ordered the 39th New York to charge, helping to drive the 21st Mississippi regiment from Watson’s captured battery.  As one soldier wrote, “[W]e went into it with such a yell and scream that it made my blood chill in my veins.  I can’t tell you how the shot and shell flew.  Oh! what a sight! to see the men fall one after another.  But the groans were drowned by our shouts.” 


However, the 39th got little credit afterwards for what they had done on this day.  The aide, Capt. John B. Fasset, received a Medal of Honor thirty years later.   (“Gettysburg: The Second Day” by Harry W. Pfanz)


The monument is located on United States Avenue near the Trostle Farm.

39th New York Infantry (Secondary Marker)

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