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PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the size of the replica, it can only be purchased at the gallery in Gettysburg. If you wish to arrange pickup, please email or call the gallery to arrange logistics.


Sculpted by Gary Casteel

1863 Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Monument Replicas


The 1st Minnesota Volunteer Infantry performed one of the most critical actions of the battle during Longstreet's Assault of July 2, 1863. Sickles' Corps was falling back in disarray, while Longstreet's men were advancing to penetrate the center of the Union line, which had been dangerously thinned to prop up other sectors. General Winfield Scott Hancock rode up to the 1st Minnesota, the only organized Union troops at hand, pointed at the advancing Confederates, and ordered them to "Take those colors!" Colonel William Colvill, an attorney and newspaper owner from Red Wing, then led the men into action. Their sacrificial charge against overwhelming odds halted the Confederate advance. It bought desperately needed time for the center of the Union line to reform. The result of their heroic efforts forced Lee into one last desperate gamble the next day with Pickett's Charge.


Colonel Colvill was wounded during the July 2 charge. Captain Nathan Messick took over command only to be killed the next day during the repulse of Pickett's Charge. Captain Wilson B. Farrell then briefly took over until he was also killed. Finally, Captain Henry C. Coates took over command. The regiment entered the field 420 strong. Company L's 32 men served as skirmishers and Company C's 56 men were detached on July 2. The regiment lost 50 men killed, 173 wounded and 1 missing.


The monument is located on Hancock Avenue and was dedicated on July 2, 1897.

1st Minnesota Volunteer Infantry

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