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Sculpted by Gary Casteel

1863 Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Monument Replicas


The 26th North Carolina belonged to Pettigrew’s’ Brigade in Pender’s Division of A.P. Hill’s corps.  It had the unfortunate distinction of having the highest casualty rate – 82 percent – of any regiment at Gettysburg.  The marker here commemorates the regiment’s participation in the attack on July 3, 1863 – Pickett’s Charge.  By the time they reached this point, the regiment “had been reduced to a skirmish line.”


The information from the marker at the Angle may not be accurate.  The 26th may not have been in front of Onley’s gun, but rather some ways to the north, in front of the 12th New Jersey. The 26th’s final color bearer of the day, accompanied by a sergeant, carried the 26th’s colors up the slope to the stone wall defended by the New Jersey regiment, who in respect for their courage held their fire and helped them to safety over the wall.


The monument is located at The Angle and was dedicated in 1985.

26th North Carolina Infantry (The Angle)

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