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Sculpted by Gary Casteel

1863 Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Monument Replicas


Well before the Civil War, the 14th New York State Militia was an established regiment. It was mustered into Federal service and fought at Bull Run under that designation, although it was often referred to as the 14th Brooklyn.


The 14th Brooklyn was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Colonel Edward Fowler, a Brooklyn bookkeeper. It took 356 men into battle. The regiment fough alongside the 6th Wisconsin and the 95th New York for the railroad cut, where they killed and captured the Mississippians of Davis's brigade.


The statue represents an enlisted man of the 14th Brooklyn loading his rifle and dressed in the chasseur uniform that gave the regiment its nickname of the "Red Legged Devils". The model for the soldier was the regiment's Lieutenant Henry W. Mitchell, who was wounded on July 1, 1863, at Gettysburg.


The monument is located on Reynolds Avenue near the Railroad Cut and was dedicated on October 10, 1887.

84th New York Volunteer Infantry/14th Brooklyn

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